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Discover Dallas RE with Diana, Vol. 16

Well.....there I had my next newsletter topic all queued up...and then Snowmaggedon happened (I've also heard "Snovid," which is clever). So, let me start by saying, I hope you all made it through last week as safely and warmly as possible. Chris and I tried to check on friends and clients and help as we could. We turned off water at probably 5 houses. Just for future reference, Chris knows how to do this and has one of those special keys. Call on us in the future if you need us....But I'm hoping we are done with this extreme weather for this year! Now back to what I had planned to cover: My experience at the Fair Park Vaccination Megasite.

I apologize if this is a repeat for some of you. I did post about this on Facebook, and I will just give the brief version of my experience here. On February 10, I went down to Fair Park to volunteer at the Covid-19 Vaccine Megasite. It was the first day they had moved all operations outside. The high was maybe 22 degrees, with a lot of wind. I arrived at 8am, got a brief training, and then we stood around--outside-- waiting for action until 11am, when cars started coming through. That delay was my only frustration of what was otherwise an incredible day.

I was paired with Jessica, a woman who works for the Forest Service in Arkansas, whose job was to give the shots. They called this position "the shooter"--and I thought it was wonderful to give that word such a positive meaning for a change! Jessica had to leave two toddlers back at home to do this critical work.

My job was "scribe." I stood with Jessica and used an iPad to check people in. As a team, we probably got a few hundred people vaccinated that day. There were about 15 other shooter-scribe pairs doing the same. Judge Clay Jenkins and Dallas County Medical Officer Dr. Philip Huang were there, helping with logistics and "rallying the troops," as it were.

I must say that this was a very fulfilling volunteer experience. Everyone was so friendly, from the other volunteers to the grateful folks who were there for the vaccine. It is so easy to think of what's-not-going-well with the vaccine roll-out, but I can say that what I saw was an inspiring and dedicated effort in the right direction. I feel like we are all still pulling for 2021 to move in great directions. This past week was just the latest challenge. But I'm still holding out hope!

Featured Neighborhood: Old Lake Highlands

When does a neighborhood become an "old" version of itself? That's a question to ponder. But in the case of Old Lake Highlands, here's the deal: What we now think of as Lake Highlands is north of Northwest Highway, clear up to LBJ. Just south of this area is a neighborhood that calls itself Old Lake Highlands, and perhaps it is the case that, originally, "Lake Highlands" was a broad term, referring to the area to north of the lake (by which I mean White Rock Lake, of course). These days, there are a number of identifiable neighborhoods in this area, including Eastwood and Lochwood...and Old Lake Highlands. OLH is a small neighborhood, tucked in between Easton Road, Northwest Highway, Peavy Rd, and Buckner. Developed in the late 1940s, OLH offers a few stunning mid-century homes. But this is primarily a neighborhood with small, charming 1-story cottage-style homes. I would put a Real Estate Alert on this neighborhood because it is rapidly improving as folks fix up these cute homes and give them more value.Two factors create special appeal: 1) The neighborhood school, Hexter Elementary, has a strong reputation and gives character to the neighborhood; and 2) The neighborhood is very convenient, with Northwest Highway just to the north. Every shop, restaurant, and business you could need is a stone's throw away...and yet the neighborhood feels quiet. Folks who live in Old Lake Highlands are very proud to do their part to "shop locally," with two favorite businesses being Alfonso's Pizza and Lake House Bar and Grill. As a final note, a special feature of Old Lake Highlands is its high elevation. You want to see the most gorgeous city-view in town? Head over to the park at Peavy and Buckner, park your car, and you will see beautiful downtown views that beat any other this Dallas native can think of. See below for a sample OLH property.

Awesome Business Alert!!

My gal pal Lauren Payne has started a business that brings Covid testing to you, Covid Concierge. She offers both the rapid test (results right away!) and the PCR test. Her fees are very reasonable, and how great is it to have peace of mind so easily within reach?! Plus Lauren is an incredible nurse (APRN, FNP-C) and person. When Covid exits the scene (and it will; it really will!), Lauren will transition her business to Clinic Concierge, bringing you other rapid tests as well as quick treatments and even botox. Reach out to Lauren at

Stuff I Adore

--Vonlane: Let me tell ya bout Vonlane! This luxury bus service takes you from Dallas to Austin or Dallas to Houston (and back). It picks up at the Doubletree Hotel by Love Field, runs absolutely like clockwork (don't be late; they will leave), and then drops you at a central location in whichever town is your destination. While on board, you will be offered snacks and beverages (not just Diet Coke!), and there is wifi that works well, so you can get your work done or stream a movie. The seats are spacious and comfortably distant, so it feels safe, and the bus is as clean as can be. There's also a bathroom on board, so no worries on that. I have taken Vonlane a few times to see Danny, and I have really enjoyed it. Highly recommend! --"How I Built This": If you want a fascinating, motivating listen, then try "How I Built This," a podcast hosted by Guy Raz of NPR. This podcast covers the story of successful businesses, including their origins, early challenges, and eventual success. One of my favorites is the story of the founding of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (maybe because I love ice cream). I usually choose which episodes to listen to based upon my knowledge of and interest in a particular business, but honestly, once you start listening, any episode is fascinating. I also find "How I Built This" to be inspirational--many of these entrepreneurs had to fail many times on the way to success. Last week I listened to an episode in which filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, among many others) talked to Guy Raz about the ups and downs of the film industry and how hard he had to work to get his parents to accept this longshot career path. Stuck in the car? Give "How I Built This" a listen!

Featured Listings

10440 Solta DriveOld Lake Highlands Not a TBG listing, but a cutie from a fellow Compass agent!

1415 Dominion StreetEast Kessler Park 4 Bed | 3.5 Bath

5447 McCommas BoulevardGreenland Hills Just Sold!

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