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Discover Dallas RE with Diana, Vol. 20

I hope your summer is going wonderfully-well! I'm just back from a super-quick 2 days in the Hill Country with my grade school friends, Jill and Joan. There is something special about having people in your life who knew you when you were 5; you can speak in a kind of shorthand about people and places from long ago. We had a wonderful time, and maybe in my next edition, I will make our hotel, the JW Marriott, one of my "Stuff I Adore" entries. It is THAT cool.

What I wanted to reflect on in this space is a nagging question that came to me on my trip: "Is Dallas 'Texas-y' enough"? Look, you visit San Antonio or Austin and certainly Ft Worth, and you can't help thinking about it. It is basically de rigueur to drive a truck in these places. People do drive trucks here, of course, but Dallasites drive all kinds of cars. Here in Dallas, we have a lot of Tex-Mex. They have more. And the vistas in other parts of the state offer rolling hills and brushy plants that call to mind the desert. I feel like Dallas offers (pardon me for saying it) essentially zero vistas; and plant life here is so manicured and perfect, more like a formal French garden than a nod to our great state (I'll make an exception for the gardens surrounding The Bush Library, which purposely were designed around native Texas grasses, flowers, and plants--and it's lovely).

You start thinking about this, and you realize--oh, dear!, Dallas is not so very Texas! Just think, if you saw someone wearing a cowboy hat, you'd be more likely to think they were headed to a costume party than going to work! Chris and I are proud multi-generational Texans. We had a cake in the shape of Texas at our wedding. So this matter of Dallas-being-Texas-y matters to me.

We do have the Dallas Cowboys, and lousy though they are, they are iconically Texan, so there's that. I also think that folks in Dallas best reflect the overall friendliness of this state's residents--I'd argue that Dallas is, by far, the friendliest of our major cities (try chatting up a random person in Austin!). You can disagree with me on this, but I won't give in! So I guess that will have to do. Dallas will have its luxury cars and its view to nowhere, but it's a great place to live as a "cosmopolitan Texan."

Featured Home: 3036 Westminster

We are proud, of course, of all of our listings. But it is a rare occasion when I can say that one of our listings is a home in which we have made so many special memories with dear friends. Our new listing near SMU, at 3606 Westminster, is a home in which Chris and I have spent countless wonderful occasions, from intimate, elegant birthday dinners to holiday soirees that packed the house to the point that the party pushed out onto the beautiful porches that surround the home. The house is a "Charleston Single," a distinct and lovely architectural style, and it has a simply breathtaking presence. I can't tell you how many people, upon hearing about the home, say to us, "Oh--I know that home! I have always loved that home!"

The interior of the home offers beautiful exposed brick walls and Louisiana long leaf pine flooring, sourced from "the Bayou state." Wrapping around the home are incredible gardens with delightful flowers and fountains. To say the home has something magical about it is not to go too far! Do you know someone who needs this gorgeous property? Send them our way!

Cool New Business Alert!!

The Gaming GOAT

Anybody who knows anybody at the Moody Y knows Mona Callaghan. Well, her son, Stephen, and 3 friends from high school have opened a shop in Bishop Arts that sells games of all sorts, including classic board games--some with a modern twist. As an example, they have a version of CLUE that features characters from Seinfeld. Love it! I think 2020 taught people to slow down and enjoy family fun, including classic games. It sounds like a neat shop, and I am always proud when I hear about young people showing the entrepreneurial spirit. The Gaming GOAT would be a great place to find a clever gift or to pick up a new game to take on vacation. Do check it out!

336 W. Davis

Y'all, meet Wellsley!

Wellsley Schenck is the newest member of The Blackman Group, joining us as Business Manager. Wellsley just completed her MBA at SMU, with a concentration in real estate. We are stoked to have her on board. She is busily getting our social media, marketing, and client relations whipped into shape! In addition, she is quickly showing an affinity for real estate market. We already see her as an invaluable member of the team. I hope you will have a chance to meet Wellsley soon.

Stuff I Adore

--RH: Yes, here's me trying to be a cool kid. "RH" is the rebranded version of Restoration Hardware. While there are a few floors of gorgeously-decorated furniture, I'm talking about RH the restaurant and bar, which is on the top floor. I was first introduced to RH by my friend Bonnie, who knows all the chic spots and basically has a table on reserve at RH. The food is fine, but let's be real, this is all about the beautiful setting: there's a glass canopy and lovely lush decor (I think the plants and trees are faux, but they create an elegant setting). Anyway, RH is fun and pretty and trendy. Do try. --the Highland Park Pool: Ahhh, one of our Happy Places. First of all, the setting of the HP Pool couldn't be prettier, surrounded by tall trees and wild vegetation, down in its own little valley-oasis. And then there's the pool itself. 8 lanes of Heaven, I'd call it. Every morning, April through October, the pool is open for lap swim from 7-10am. It's the same cast of characters every day, so part of the appeal is the routine of it all. They keep the pool crystal clear, and it's always a refreshing temperature. True, I don't enjoy sharing a lane, so the pool's popularity is sometimes an issue for me, but I try to share with Chris so that I can have my unfair share of more than half the lane. And then I love my own childhood memories of the pool, as well as knowing my mom went there as a child, too, with her friends. The HP Pool is simply a great spot.

Featured Listings

215 N. Walton St. Unit 8 | Deep Ellum | World's Coolest Loft

3036 Westminster Ave | Gorgeous Charleston Single | Just Listed in UP!

3604 Gallop Court | Bridlewood | Pending

423 Golden Pond Drive | Lake Ridge | Beautiful lot available to build your dream home.

Diana Blackman


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