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Discover Dallas RE with Diana, Vol. 3

See this picture above? It's from a TBG event from fall 2019--Puppy Pix in the Park. We had so much fun; tons of clients, family, and friends came out and got individual photos with their pets (cats were allowed, too, though no one took us up on that!), grabbed yummy snacks, and enjoyed some catching up. Anyway, this is just to say: We sure do miss our fun events, and I know they will be back before long. Over the years, we have hosted parties at our home, a wonderful Happy Hour at Javier's, and other occasions for snacks and socializing. I know we will get back there, but it sure does feel like 2020 is a bizarre "lost weekend." That said, the most important thing is staying safe, and we know that! Rest assured, when things are back under control, we will be so ready to get together for some conversation and fun. In the meantime, call on us if there's anything we can do for you!

Neighborhood Spotlight: Lochwood

I have a close friend named Jeri. I call her Jer. If we were smart, we'd all ask Jer what the next hot neighborhood is going to be. I say this because Jer seems to be 5-7 years ahead of trends every time she moves. Example: She bought a home in Hollywood Heights (I'll feature HH in an upcoming newsletter!) probably 12 years ago. Not too long after she moved in, this already-popular neighborhood was truly on fire, real-estate-wise. Then, Jer decided she really wanted a mid-century home (see pic above), and she moved into a truly incredible house in Lochwood. This was 6 years ago. If you don't know Lochwood (I didn't before Jer moved there), you've got to check it out. This East Dallas community has so much going for it: 1 mile to the lake, gorgeous greenbelts throughout, interesting topography, and--most of all--many lovely examples of the mid-century modern home. Just north and east of

White Rock, Lochwood is adjacent to the Old Lake Highlands neighborhood and Eastwood; and just south of the "L Streets." Parts of the neighborhood are still in transition, so there are still deals to be had and homes that have yet to be updated.. The lots are large; the people are friendly; and they have movie night at Lochwood Park. Lots to love about Lochwood! Check it out!

Stuff I Adore

*Pet videos. Well, this is going to make me seem awfully lowbrow, but I gotta call like it is. I totally fall for videos of animals doing cute things. I guess my favorite sub-genre would be "different species enjoying each other's company"--example: a Mastiff and a kitten cuddled up for a nap; or a horse and an Aussie Shepard who are each other's best friend. I figure, what the heck. 2020 is a doozy. If I enjoy a cute animals video every once in a while, I think that's just fine! *Podcast: The Daily. This podcast is usually 25-40 minutes long. A different topic every day. Eclectic, smart, fascinating. I actually want to recommend a specific episode from May 3. It is "The Sunday Read: 'Alone at Sea.'" This podcast tells the story of Aleksander Doba (a real person), who has crossed the Atlantic Ocean (and other bodies of water) multiple times in a one-man kayak. This is just one example of how The Daily transports you to another time and place, and I listened while I was on a walk (this is before it was like 103F outside). I was so entranced by the story that I extended my walk. I would personally never want to make a journey like that. Frankly, it sounds awful. But it was an opportunity to get inside the mind--and physical experience--of someone alone in a kayak for months at a time. Highly recommend. *An update on my recommendation of Vitamin Water Zero in the flavor "Shine" from Vol. 2 of my newsletter: never in my life have I had so many people follow up, text, and call me about a recommendation. This means I am now competing with several people for the liquid gold known as Shine. That's ok. I will share! It's been fun hearing from people. Just don't buy it ALL!! By the way, they do not sell it at Central Market. Look at Tom Thumb or other "regular" grocery stores.

A fond farewell to our terrific summer intern, Brandon Stephens. We had a great time bringing him on as part of the TBG team, and we were able to take him along on showings, Open Houses, and staging appointments (he helped Chris move some furniture!). We learned from him as well, with his strong work ethic and his persistence in meeting his goals. Watch for Brandon this fall, wearing number 26 as cornerback for the SMU Mustangs. Pony Up!!

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Lake Highlands 4 Bed | 3 Bath

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