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Weekly Wisdom Friday, August 6, 2021



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Homebuilding boom makes D-FW the second biggest construction market in 2021. The D-FW area had $14.6 billion in construction starts, according to Dodge Data & Analytics. About two-thirds of the new building activity in North Texas was residential.

Only New York City had more building starts in the first six months of the year. (Dallas Morning News)


DID YOU KNOW? Amazon has secured smartphone access to thousands of apartment buildings across the country, in some cases breaking out gift cards to convince landlords. The company pitches its Key for Business service as a way to cut down on stolen packages. But the program has also raised privacy and security concerns. Amazon installs a device for free at the front door of a building, which allows drivers to unlock the door through the Amazon mobile app. The program launched in 2018. Drivers must confirm with Amazon their identity, route, and location. Access to a building is a one-time use and expires. (LA TIMES)


DID YOU KNOW? House prices are booming in almost every major economy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, forging the broadest rally for more than two decades, and reviving economists’ concerns over potential threats to financial stability. Of the 40 countries covered by OECD data, just three experienced real-terms house price falls in the first three months of this year — the smallest proportion since the data series began in 2000. (FT)


DID YOU KNOW? Median rent has risen more than 10% over the past year as many return to large cities in anticipation of many offices opening fully in the Fall. (WSJ)



US Automakers aim to produce 40-50% of all cars and trucks to be electric by 2030......will the electrical infrastructure in your area be capable of handling this new demand? There are roughly 280 million cars in the USA. Currently, there are about 1.1 million electric cars. About 17 million cars are sold each year in the USA, which means we would be adding around 7-8 million electric cars per year..... an EV requires around 40 kWh to recharge a fully depleted battery. (CNBC)



DFW Restaurant Week begins today, kicking off one glorious month of dining that lasts right through September 5. For each meal purchased during the campaign, 20 percent of the cost will be donated to North Texas Food Bank (Dallas area) or Lena Pope (Tarrant area). (Paper City)



Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are Headed to Fort Worth to Film Yellowstone Spinoff With Other Big Stars. Yellowstone will premiere its fourth season to its ravenous fans by late fall. But first, Taylor Sheridan is bringing his empire home to Texas. Right into Fort Worth. And the historic stockyards. (Paper City)



215 N. Walton St. Unit 8 Dallas, TX 75226

Deep Ellum

1Beds | 1Bath |1,083 Sq. Ft. |$248 per Sq. Ft. | $269,000




Chris Blackman

Sales Agent

M: (214) 458-1747


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